Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Humble Beginnings

Commūnist Manifestation, OH WOW

Humble Beginnings

I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who, upon hearing my future plans to live on a commune, have asked me if I was a communist. I then have to go into a lengthy explanation of what exactly that means today. A variety of names are used: communes, eco-villages, and co-ops. It seams communes still have the stigma of being hippy hang outs or cults. Few realize that current descriptions of this style of living include buzz words like sustainable, off the grid, and green living. These words give this lifestyle a higher level of acceptability.

These people then want to know why I want to live in such a way. This has compelled me to give the subject a lot of thought and research. The main reason would be that I feel we, as a society, have lost something (if not a multitude of things). We have gotten spoiled on our technology, our processed (packaged) foods and goods, and our ability to (at least in our capitalist society) get what we want when we want it with little to no effort (and surely no thought going into the consequences of any of our actions). As an example (and I will use myself for this one), if I had all of the components of a computer placed in front of me, I could put it together, but I don’t know how to make butter from cow milk. Sure, I have the general concept: churning. I have, however, never done it. I don’t know how long to do it or which by-products are good for what. You get the idea.

I would like to say early on that I am not a communist (per se). The articles herein will be both fact and opinion. When I say fact, of course, I mean in the liberal sense of the word. Definitions will all be supplied by Webster and most other data by Wikipedia (two of my most used sites [excluding porn]). You can expect to see articles here that present what I believe to problems with our system and viable and perhaps sometime ludicrous solutions to those problems. Another thing to keep in mind (and I don’t need to tell those of you coming here through links on social networks, who know me) I don’t follow politics, watch the news, support any political party or formal organized governmental or religious group. I am a sovereign citizen of Earth.

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